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Majesticpiece Theatre: Derric the Seventh Cast List!

Majesticpiece Theatre: Derric the Seventh Cast

Thank you everyone who auditioned for the Majesticpiece Theatre's production of Derric the Seventh! This original piece is going to come together nicely with a cast of this caliber! If you missed out, definitely come out and audition again!

CAST LIST Abattoir - Michael Wren

Kneecap - Ellie Smith

Jezebel - Lynn Winkle

Derric - Trevor Brandt

Xanthon - Matthew Owen

Safanthus - Diane Edwards Slamp

Avenger - Pat Purdue

Shoulderbone - Brandon Urey

Karlin - Anais Main

Nimrod - Karen Wohlwend

Qwendolyn - Laura Blackwell

Ravinoc - John Carone

Understudy - Tyler Mann

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