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Merry Wives of Windsor Cast List Announcement!

Merry Wives of Windsor is ready to bring the party into your homes and the cast is full of party people to reflect that. Director Angeliki de Morgan is excited to bring the show to life and we can't wait to see it!

Don't miss the show on August 8 at 7:30pm!


Mistress Ford: Ryan McWayne Ford, her spouse: Paul Roder Mistress Page: Coleman McNear Page, her spouse: BreAnna Manassa John Falstaff: Brandi Douglas Mistress Quickly: Stephanie Crowley Host: Ariel Hicks Dr. Caius: Ellie Smith Robert Shallow: Bob Greenwade Sir Hugh: Pat Purdue Slender: Fiona Jenkins Fenton: Rachel Kohler Anne Page: Elizabeth Tran Pistol: Arun Kumar Bardolph: Thomas Weaver Nym: Rose Taylor Simple: Anne Hubble John Rugby: Nancy Homan Robert (servant) & backup actor: Carol Flanagan John (servant) & backup actor: Valerie Asbell Robin & backup actor: Ralph Turley Narrator: Michael Wren Stage Manager: Chad Howard


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