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Next to Normal Shines A Light

By Nathan Hermanson

Next to Normal is an unusual musical and is unlike any other that Director Ruth Mandsager has worked on at the Majestic. Rather than experiencing an epic French revolution, we’re given the day-to-day life of a “traditional” American family. Instead of watching mill workers bare it all to save their jobs, we watch a daughter bare her soul to try and capture the attention of her absent parents. We aren’t driven forward by a con man running from the law, but instead by a family running from (and sometimes into) their problems.

All of these qualities combine to make the deeply affecting Next to Normal a must-see for all audiences.

Diana and Dan Goodman (Bryony DuPont, AJ Millet) share a somber moment at the breakfast table.

Next to Normal, written by Brian Yorkey with music by Tom Kitt and directed by Ruth Mandsager, debuts at the Majestic Theatre on Nov. 1st and will run for three weekends (including Thursdays). Evening performances start at 7:30pm and matinee performances start at 2:30pm with talkbacks to follow each matinee.

Next to Normal tells the story of a family keeping things inside and ignoring what's right in front of them. Diana Goodman (double cast with Bryony DuPont and Jocelyn Eisenlohr) is at the center of the story as the matriarch who struggles with bipolar disorder, delusions, and general depression. Dan Goodman (double cast with AJ Millet and Colin Salisbury) plays the role of peacekeeper, doing all he can to keep Diana steady through the show.

Siblings Natalie (Jasmin Nicole) and Gabe (Cailin Mackenzie) struggle to keep themselves together amongst the chaos in their parent’s personal lives.

As the play goes on, Diana