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Updated: Mar 15

The Drawer Boy

By Michael Healey

Directed by Robert Leff

Open Auditions: Sunday, March 10th & Monday, March 11th at 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Rehearsal Timeframe: March - April, Three times a week until Tech

Matinee Performance (2:30pm) Sunday April 21st

Evening Performance (7:30pm) Saturday April 20th

Content Label: We hear about two women killed in a car accident. We hear about a man hitting a woman. We hear about a man injured in a bombing raid. Men call each other bastard

The Majestic Theatre (a division of the City of Corvallis Parks and Recreation department) is committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion and to creating a safe place for actors of all backgrounds to explore their craft. We are particularly eager to work with artists of color and other artists from marginalized communities. All auditions are free and open to the public. This audition is for an amateur, volunteer production. The Majestic Theatre staff and volunteers do not discriminate on the basis of age, national origin, race, gender, ethnic background, ability, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, or any protected class.


Auditions will be held in person at the Majestic Theatre.


The Drawer Boy is an elegant testimony to the transcendent nature of fiction and the healing power of truth. In 1972, a young actor from Toronto arrives on a small farm in rural Ontario to do hands-on research for an upcoming role in a play about country life. He is sent to live with two aging bachelor farmers and unwittingly stumbles upon the truth about their past and as a result, their lives are forever altered when art attempts to imitate life and the line between truth and fiction is crossed. What begins as an amusing portrayal of rural and urban culture-clash, slowly peels away layers of forgotten truths and lies, exposing hidden secrets of love and tragedy.


Michael Healey began is theatre career as an actor. As a result, he creates complex and interesting characters. The Drawer Boy is an actor centered play. I have strong foundation for this production, but on the other hand, I’m looking for three actors willing to play, explore and expand the basic story. I am drawn to Healey portrait of the three men. The men are tender, vulnerable and caring. The presence of Miles changes the relationship between the older men, but this is not preplanned. To me, it is refreshing to see a different side of men.



Actors are encouraged to read the script before auditions. Copies are available for check-out from the Majestic Office. There is nothing to prepare before hand. Auditions will be cold reads. However, each character is called upon to do something “special.” Actors will be asked to give it a go. Miles does his impression of a cow who doesn’t want to slaughtered. Morgan tells a long story. Angus recites a poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins. I’m looking for potential; not a polished performance. NOTE: I strongly recommend actors to attend both audition nights.



The characters are in all ten scenes in the script. Accents will not be used.


Character Name: Morgan

Character Age: In his fifties

Character Race: Any

Character Ethnicity: Canadian

Character Gender: Male

Character Description: Tough-minded, ruggedly practical, pragmatic, often ironic, dry sense of humor, clever though he barely finished school, piercingly perceptive, yet very caring and responsible, has a long-standing, guilty secret.


Character Name: Angus

Character Age: in his fifties

Character Race: Any

Character Ethnicity: Canadian

Desired Actor Gender: Male

Character Description: Has a brain injury acquired during a war accident, able to accurately count stars, has the talents of an architect, not silly, but trusting, he can also be very acute, though he appears limited by his condition, gentle, loves poetry


Character Name: Miles

Character Age: in his twenties

Character Race: Any

Character Ethnicity: Canadian

Desired Actor Gender: Male

Character Description: Idealistic young actor from Toronto, has never been on a farm, a few years out of college, has a naïve understanding of the complexities of farming, though he is also much shrewder than at first appearance, eager to stay in his theatre company, not a villain.


Character Name: Narrator

Character Race: Any

Character Ethnicity: Any

Desired Actor Gender: Male

Character Description: The narrator will read the stage directions in the production. He will work closely with the director. This is an opportunity for someone who is interested in directing to observe a veteran director with over 50 years of experience.

For questions and concerns, contact Robert Leff, Director,


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