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Beyond our amazing theatrical facilities, The Majestic Theatre is lucky enough to house a beautiful gallery space and to be a mainstay of the Corvallis Art Walk. Artists have hosted solo shows, been a part of themed shows, and have contributed to show-specific shows over the last few years. We’ve managed to handle the coordination on our own for a while, but we need a little help.

We’re calling on a volunteer to take up the task of Gallery Coordinator in 2019!

Gallery Coordinator Tasks

The gallery coordinator works with volunteers, directors, local artists, performers, and other Majestic stakeholders to develop and maintain visual arts programming in the Majestic Theatre South Lobby gallery. The gallery coordinator will maintain gallery calendar, develop gallery events and exhibitions, oversee and perform artwork installation, and act as Majestic Theatre CAW representative. The Gallery Coordinator is a volunteer position for the Majestic Theatre, which is a division of the City of Corvallis Parks and Recreation Department.

Tasks of the Gallery Coordinator include:

  1. Developing art show themes and schedule

  2. Coordinate the gallery needs of Majestic Theatre shows / productions by working with directors and/or producers of events

  3. Create an art show plan to submit for theatre supervisor’s  approval

  4. Scheduling interested artists in the space

  5. Hanging gallery images during opening week of big main stage shows

  6. Writing open calls for community and group shows

  7. Creating any art show promotional materials, such as press releases, posters, flyers, etc.

  8. Send open call information and imagery to marketing team to promote through social media

  9. Respond to e-mails and keep up with reservations/questions

  10. Send out a drop off reminder email before the drop off date