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Wizard of Oz Cast List

Majestic Summer Theatre Adventure: THE WIZARD OF OZ cast

5/1/2017 (In Order of Appearance in the play)

Dorothy Gale: Sydney Hoffman

Auntie Em: Raina Wetzel

Uncle Henry: Adam Franks

Huck/Scarecrow: Madelyn Clark

Zeke/Lion: Fiona O’Daniel

Hickory/Tinman: Sam Mutschler

Gulch/ Witch: Olga Tuttle

Marvel/Oz: Thomas Guenther

Rocking Chair Claire: Ci Ci Chapman

Cow: ?

Rowboat Jake: Jane Denning

Rowboat Clovis: Maeve Gregory

Glinda: Elizabeth Doty Toto: Emma Doty

Munchkin Candy-Lou: Kezie Hirsch

Munchkin Hyacinth: Emma Terry

Munchkin Frosine: Eila Howe

Munchkin Cookie-belle: Catherine Hubbard

Mayor Monacle: Teza Ross

Barrister Buckle: Andrew Rausch

Lullabye Lucy: Annabelle Thompson

Lullabye Lorraine: Sophia Tran

Lullabye Lucinda: Sonja Minarsich

Lollipop Axel: ?

Lollipop Xander: ?

Lollipop Rocco: ?

Coroner Aloicious Adam Franks

Cassius Crow: Ava Stroppel

Cullen Crow: Alex Cloutier

Cuthburt Crow: Linley Henson

Cawawa Crow: Anya Cervantes

Mighty Apple Tree 1: Bing Chung

Powerful Apple Tree 2: Andrew Rausch

Taunting Apple Tree 3: Kiera Jackson

The Jitterbugs: Sarah Hovermale, Trista Bence, Mira Batti, Madison Felina- Bar, Maya Price, Raina Wetzel

Optimistic Voices: Eliette Barlow, Reese Pifer, Cecilia Chapman, Trista Bence, Sophia Tran

Oz Doorguard Ozzie: ?

Oz City Guard Oscar: Kylie Sullivan

Emerald City Groomers: Samantha Kelly, Cate Talabere

Monkey Leader Nikko: Jane Denning

Flying Monkey Chee-chee: Wren Huyck

Flying Monkey Bingo: Kiera Jackson

Flying Monkey Squat: Bing Chung

Flying Monkey Toodles: Andrew Rausch

Flying Monkey Ahi-ahi: Teza Ross

Flying Monkey Mata-Hari: Cici Chapman

Winkie Leader Azul: ?

Winkie Huckle: Madison Felina0Bar Winkie Paisley: Maeve Gregory Winkie Vladimir: Lola Starcevich Winkie Carl: ? Winkie Jaxon: Althea Pos Winkie Dexter: Annika Howe Kalico Kitty: Freya Harte

Dance Captains: Sarah Hovermale, Mira Batti

Tech Crew: Lia Chung, Sierra Williams, Nicholas Pos

Everyone did such a great job at auditions and we are so happy with the quality of talent you brought to us. Everyone who auditioned has been cast. If you do not see your name contact me, not the Majestic. (

Most everyone will be in more than one scene, but we won’t know where to put you until we get to camp. We will cast the blank spots then, too. We plan to utilize all of you wherever we can, so come prepared to learn every song and dance. Some of these parts may change around once our Adventure begins on July 10th. Be sure to register for camp online or in person with Corvallis Parks and Rec or at the Majestic Box Office to keep your place in camp.

Please join the Wizard of Oz Facebook account for questions and communications. It is a closed group. Look for “2017 Wizard of Oz Adventure!”

Didn’t make the audition but still want your child to be in the camp? No problem! Any child enrolled in the camp will be in the show!

Stay tuned for more information about Camp and when to pick up your scripts and T shirts.

Thank you! Your Summer Majestic Theatre Adventure Team!

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